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UFC's women's BW Valentina Shevchenko involved in shootout, coach injured


In a report from earlier today from Peruvian outlet RPP, a shootout took place late last night in the Chorillos district in Lima, Peru in a burglary gone laterally.

The event took place at a local chicken store as the burglars had bought the workers to clear out their signs up and for patrons to empty their wallets, striking anybody that resisted. UFC fighter Valentina Shevchenko was present, as was her coach Pavel Fedotov, who was equipped and opened fire on the burglars as they were fleeing the scene, striking and eliminating among them in the process. The other 2 got away successfully with an around S/5,000 in Peruvian soles, approximated to be just under $1,500 in United States currency.

Sadly, Fedotov was also struck by a bullet from among the aggressors, as he was shot in the stomach and hurried to a local healthcare facility. It must be noted that Fedotov is not only one of Shevchenko's main coaches, he is also married to her sister Antonina, who is an accomplished kickboxer in her own. Another as-of-yet unknown store patron was also struck by gunfire and remains in hospital care

Shevchenko transferred to Peru in 2008 with Fedotov and her sibling and has since become a Peruvian person after moving there from her native Kyrgistan. She has been living there ever since. Police are examining the matter. Shevchenko is arranged to face former UFC women's bantamweight champion Holly Holm in the UFC on FOX 20 centerpiece on July 23rd.